Division of aikta Group Inc. 

Lal Qila Traditional

Finest among all the varieties of rice that we offer. Aged, aromatic and best in taste in Basmati rice. 

- Jar Packing- 10lbs

- Poly Packing - 2, 10lbs

​- Fabric Packing - 10, 20, 40lbs

Lal Qilla for Managing Diabetes and Obesity

Long grain Basmati rice with a low glucose index acceptable for diabetics.

- Poly Packing - 2, 10lbs

Qilla Excel

Extremely long grain Basmati rice with maximum grain length, smooth texture & firmness.

Also available in parboiled.

- Packing - 10lbs

Lal Qilla Brown

A healthy and convenient alternative to white rice with added nutrition compared to white rice. 

- Jar Packing - 10lbs

- Poly Packing - 2, 10lbs

Lal Qilla Supreme Sella

Similar to Lal Qilla Parboiled with more whiteness in grain colouration.

- Poly Packing - 10lbs

Lal Qilla Parboiled

One of the longest and strongest grains in Basmati rice. 

- Fabric Packing - 10, 40lbs

Golden Qilla XL

Grain that extends 3 times of its actual size, providing 100% pure quality Basmati rice with a delicate texture, flavor and aroma.

- Poly Packing - 10lbs

House of Lal Qilla Rice Products

Qilla Gold 

Steamed, very long grain Basmati rice at an affordable price.

- Fabric Packing - 10, 40lbs

Golden Qilla

100% pure quality basmati rice with an exquisite delicate texture, flavor and aroma.

- Poly Packing - 10lbs 


A unique, high quality grain of rice that extends 3 times of its uncooked size. 

- Poly Packing - 10lbs

Qilla Excel TiBar

¾ grain Basmati rice at a lower price range. Available in parboiled.

- Poly Packing - 10lbs

Qilla Premium

Long grain Basmati rice that is priced to sell.

- Poly Packing - 10lbs

507 Gold

One of the cheaper varieties of Basmati rice​ with a distinct flavour and aroma.

- Poly Packing - 8lbs

- Fabric Packing - 8lbs